Planting Trends

Planting trends come and go in landscaping, just as they do in architecture, interior and clothing design. A few years ago, it was passé to include both exotic and native plants mixed together in the same garden. But today, particularly with the desire for a productive garden, many gardeners and…

Juicy Succulents

Most succulents have their origins in dry climates and in order to tolerate these arid conditions their structures have adapted to store water in various parts, including in their roots, stems or leaves. Succulent is derived from the Latin word ‘sucus’ which means juice, moisture or sap. While succulents are…

Great soil makes for a plentiful garden

Soil preparation is like baking a cake. If you don’t prepare it correctly you’ll end up with a mess and a disappointing end result. It’s really important to prepare the soil well before planting to ensure your plants grow well. For those who are lucky enough to inherit an established…


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